Waswasah - The whispering of the Shaitan

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The whispering of the Shaitan

All Praise to Allah Who made Himself known to His close slaves, with the quality of His Sublimity and Majesty, and lit their hearts as they witness the Perfection of His Attributes. He has bestowed upon them His Blessings, and so they believed that He is the One, the Self-Sufficient, Who has no partners in His Being, Attributes, or Actions; as He (PBUH) has described Himself. I testify that there is no god worthy of worship but Allah Who has no partners, and I testify that Muhammad is His Prophet and Messenger, who was sent as a Mercy to all mankind. He is the best of Allah's Creation, the Imam of pious people, a burden for the disbelievers, and a proof for all mankind. Table of Contents Introduction 5 The Stratagems of the Devil used by the Children of Adam 6 Satan's Devilish Insinuations 18 Niyyah in Taharah and Salaah 35 Excessive use of water in wudu' and bathing 40 Disregarding any waswasah about breaking wudu' 43 Things that people are harsh in implementing, while the Prophet was indulgent towards himself with them 45 Some acts that show someone to be an innovator in religion 46 The way to perform Salaah in shoes 48 Performing Salaah with shoes on 49 It is the Sunnah of the Prophet to perform Salaah wherever he was 50 The Companions of the Prophet used to walk barefooted to the mosque 52 What is the Sunnah for when Madhiy' touches one's clothes? 53 Using stones for purification, and the ruling regarding pus 54 Carrying Children during Salaah 57 The Polytheists' Clothes 58 The use of water left in open containers 60 Performing Salaah with a little - but not flowing - blood 61 Breastfeeding women's clothes 62 Accepting Food from the People of the Book 65 The similarity between Polytheism and forbidding what is lawful 66 Waswasah in Pronouncing Letters 69 Reply to the Excuses of People Under the Influence of Waswasah 72 Making an oath upon something for divorce 77 The Ruling Regarding the Doubtful Divorce 79 Doubts regarding purity 81 What to do when not knowing the place of an impurity on one's clothing 83 Confusion in defining whether clothes are pure or impure 83 Having doubt about the purity of containers used for ablution 85 Confusion of the direction of the Qiblah 86 The Confusion of forgetting to pray one Salaah but not knowing which particular one 86 Invalidating the proofs of people under the influence of waswasah 88 Waswasah of Ibn 'Umar in ablution 89 A reply to those who say that waswasah is better than taking things for granted 92