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Dar Al Maarifa Tajweed Quran

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Since its establishment in 1986, Dar Almarifa has assumed the responsibility of conservative publication, catering to the diverse needs of the nation and society. The pinnacle of this dedication was achieved through the creation of the Tajweed Quran, complete with time and color coding, alongside a range of complementary publications, recitations, translations, and other distinguished offerings. A commitment to embracing technological advancements with a renewed spirit of innovation underpins our efforts, ensuring global outreach.

Over the course of 36 years, Dar Almarifa has distributed millions of copies of the Tajweed Quran in eight distinct languages across the world. This wide distribution has facilitated the accurate recitation of the Quran for countless Muslims. Presently, Dar Almarifa remains devoted to the service of the Holy Quran, boasting a presence that spans more than 40 branches, agents, and distributors worldwide. The company takes great pride in contributing to the journey of countless Muslims as they endeavor to recite the Holy Quran with precision.
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