The Prophets of Allah Volume 5

The Prophets of Allah Volume 5

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The book is the last in the series on the history of the Prophets of Allah. This book contains the lives of Prophets Zakariya, ‘Isa, Yahya and Muhammad (may peace and blessings be upon all of them!). Children learn that all of the prophets brought Allah’s message – Islam – to the people of the earth and the last one of them was the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family!), and the final revealed book is the Qur’an, forever here to guide us.

This volume presents the life and teachings of prophets 'Ilyas, the courage of Da'ud, the special gifts of Sulaiman from Allah and the patience of Ayyub (peace be upon them all!) for the young children in the most interesting ways. These books are written to help children develop a source of closeness to the prophets as they try to follow their example and have the patience of Ayub and the trust in Allah, like Da'ud and Sulaiman (may peace be upon them all!).