The Messenger of Allah Workbook: Volume 2 (Madinah Period)

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The continuation of Messenger of Allah: Makkah Period, this volume covers the post-Hijra years of the Sirah in extensive depth. The relevance of Prophet’s life in Madinah to our contemporary lives is fully explored in various lessons.

This workbook seeks to expand participants' self-awareness, spirituality, and religious identity through activities designed to enhance the material presented in the Messenger of Allah: Madinah Period textbook. Our workbooks are an integral part of IQRA's comprehensive program of Islamic education along with their accompanying textbooks. High school students have found the activities and exercises in this work book interesting and challenging where the volume covers the Madinah years in greater depth. This workbook provides thought-provoking exercises that strengthen the students' understanding of the material covered. The relevance of Madinah to our own situation is fully explored in various chapters. ISBN-10: 156316163X