The Innate Rights According To Islamic Laws

The Innate Rights According To Islamic Laws (Default)

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this covers a vast range of areas from the rights of Allah and His Prophet, to the rights of the Parents, Children, Relatives, Spouses, leaders, neighbors etc.

Verily from the beauty of Allah’s ‎legislation is that justice is established, and everything is ‎given its rights, without excessiveness or neglect. For indeed ‎Allah has ordered that there be justice, kindness, and ‎assisting of the relatives. Due to justice the messengers were ‎sent, the books were revealed, and the affairs of the worldly ‎life and hereafter were established. Justice is giving ‎everything its right and putting everything in its proper ‎place, and this will not be accomplished except by knowing ‎the rights so that they will be observed. Therefore, we have ‎written this speech as an important explanation of these ‎rights, so that the slave (of Allah) may do that which he ‎knows from them according to the best of his ability, and ‎this has been summarized in the following.‎ 1. The rights of Allah‎ ‎2. The rights of the Prophet (sallahu allahi wasallam)‎ ‎3. The rights of the parents‎ ‎4. The rights of the children‎ ‎5. The rights of the relatives ‎6. The rights of the spouses‎ ‎7. The rights of the leaders and their subjects‎ ‎8. The rights of the neighbors ‎ ‎9. The rights of the Muslims in general‎ ‎10. The rights of the non- Muslims