The Conduct Of Allaah's Esteemed Messenger .صلى الله عليه وسلم

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The topic of this book is one which is beloved to the soul of every person who has eemaan. That topic is the conduct of Allaah’s Esteemed Messenger ﷺ.
There is no doubt that our souls eagerly desire to hear about the conduct of the Prophet whom Allaah sent as a mercy to all of creation. He is a Prophet
whom we must love more than our own selves, our parents, and all other people, and we cannot have complete eemaan without that love. He is a Prophet
to whose message our own inclinations must submit, and we cannot have complete eemaan without that submission. He is a Prophet whom we
must invoke salaah upon1 whenever he is mentioned to us, and a person who does not do that will eventually be disgraced. O Allaah, mention him
with commendation, grant him protection, and bestow Your blessings upon him. We also ask You to do the same for his family, Companions, and all
who follow their path until the Day of Recompense. I beseech Allaah – the Most Magnificent, the Lord and Owner of everything – to guide us all so that we
adopt the conduct of His Esteemed Messenger ﷺ. I further beseech Allaah to enable us to continue living in compliance with the religion of Islaam – the religion which He is pleased with for us to follow – and keep us steadfast in doing so until we
pass away. Indeed, He is the One in control of that, and the One able to make it happen. There is neither might nor movement except by Him.