Release From The Shackles Of Desires

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Release From The Shackles of Desires
Ibn Qayyim
Mankind is granted innate desires as a means of trial and sound intellect to help guide and regulate his desires. Allah also provided man divine guidance to fortify his intellect in this great task of controlling his desires which assures him tremendous blessings and favours he will gain if he places his desires under control and dominance.

Al-Imam Ibn Qayyim discussed human desires in a section of his book, Raodat Al-Muhibbin (The Garden of Lovers), describing its meaning, usages, how the people get entangled in the web of desires, and most extensively, the means of getting released from the shackles of desires. This book is the translation of that section.

AUTHOR: Ibn Qayyim

BINDING: Soft Cover


SIZE CM: 18x13 cm

PUBLISHER: Dakwah Corner