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Rasheeqa Swiss Arabian, which means graceful, personifies the dignity and beauty found in women of royal descent. It is fresh floral concentrated perfume oil, which starts with rose, water fruits & fresh green notes; it has a middle note of rose, jasmine & hyacinth, and ends with a woody and musky base of cedar wood and sandalwood

Rasheeqa, as the name suggests personifies gracefulness found in women of royal descent. A woman poised in her love, embellish with wholesomeness, splendour, and grace—taking us to the voyage of metapphorical grandeur, of Arabic past, present and future. She is an epitome of womanhood. Rasheeqa, a fresh floral concentrated perfume oil starts with rose with a body of water fruits and fresh greenness, flowers like muguet, rose, jasmine, hyacinth, in a woody and musky base of cedarwood,