Qur'anic Language Made Easy : Basic Grammar Required to Understand the Holy Qur'an

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Basic Grammar Required to Understand the Qur'an An invaluable textbook for someone who can already read Qur'anic Arabic but wants to understand Qur'anic grammar. Extensive lessons on parts of speech, past/future tense, and verbs, using Qur'anic examples throughout

This book is a response to the demands made by students of Arabic language to transform teaching notes and methodologies into a textbook. 

The author, Iffath Hasan, is both a hafiza (one who has memorized the entire Qur'an) and an Arabic teacher who is now opening the door of Qur'anic comprehension to eager learners everywhere. 

IQRA' hopes beginners will find this book a helpful guide as she aspires to open the door to the message of the Divine revelation. Using only text from the Qur'an, it is doubly beneficial for students to learn not only the Arabic language but facilitate their study, memorization and understanding of the Qur'an.