Milestones: Ma'alim fi'l Tareeq

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Milestones: Ma’alim Fi’l Tariq + Appendices By Sayyid Qutb, This work outlines the various stages in the establishment of a true Islamic life. After describing the mission of Islam and the methodology to achieve it, the author shows how the Prophet (pbuh) prepared and trained the first Muslim community and how later Muslims lost this initiative and revolutionary spirit. Also Includes the Following as appendices Remembering Sayyid Qutb, an Islamic Intellectual and leader of rare insight and integrity. Is there any evidence the muslim brotherhood was, to all intent and purposes, hijacked by Sayyid Qutb? Interview with the wife of Yusuf Hawwash (executed with Sayyid Qutb). Al-I’tidal Fee Sayyid Qutb’ Q&A with Sheikh Al-Albani. Letter from Shaykh Bakr Abu Zayd to Raby bin Hadi-al-Madkhali. Fatwa (legal verdict) regarding Sayyid Qutb by Shaykh ibn Jibreen.

"Milestones is the English translation of Qutb’s book Ma'alim fi al-Tariq, which is considered as one of the most influential works in Arabic of the last half century. It is probably Qutb's most famous and influential work and one of the most influential Islamist tracts written. Commentators have both praised Milestones as a ground-breaking, inspirational work by a hero and a martyr, and reviled it as a prime example of unreasoning entitlement, self-pity, paranoia, and hatred."