Mercy To Mankind Textbook: grade 5

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Mercy to Mankind is a textbook to be used in conjunction with IQRA’s Sirah & Hadith syllabus for Grade Five.

Mercy to Mankind is a textbook to be used in conjunction with IQRA's Sirah & Hadith syllabus for Grade Five. This workbook is a part of IQRA' International Educational Foundation's comprehensive program of Islamic studies. This textbook acquaints students with the blessed life and character of the Prophet Muhammad (s) in order that they develop a deeper appreciation of his mission and message to humankind. The lessons contained within have been prearranged in a sequential manner designed to facilitate the students’ comprehension of the course of studies. It’s a completely revised and expanded edition of IQRA’s popular textbook Mercy to Mankind Part I. It includes the following distinctive features: Twelve new lessons dealing with the noble personality of Rasulullah (s) and some of his ahadith are added. A focal point now introduces each lesson under the heading “Looking Ahead.” Students are challenged to use critical thinking skills during their study of the text. Quranic teachings are integrated into each lesson. Geography skills are incorporated into the text by means of attractive and topographically accurate maps of the many places of historical importance in the surah. The book has been attractively designed and printed in color. ISBN-10: 1563161540