Kiitab with Read & Rise and Juz Amma

Kiitab with Read & Rise and Juz Amma

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You'd Wish You'd Had This When You Started Learning Quran

First impressions count. And your child’s first experience with the Quran will set the tone for how they experience the Quran in their future lives.

Kiitab with Read & Rise and Juz Amma by Learning Roots makes Quran learning fun, inviting and easy. It reads out pages and plays games so children can learn independently, build their confidence and have fun while learning too. It speeds up reading progress and memorisation by visualising results and celebrating small wins.

Here are just some of the features in this wonderful set that get’s all the little details on point:

 The set contains Read & Rise (Qaida) which takes your child from the Arabic alphabet all the way to reciting full verses of the Quran with Tajweed. 

After completing Read & Rise, your child is ready to start Juz Amma, the final part of the Quran. And this render of Juz Amma by Learning Roots is an amazing introduction to your child's first Quran reading experience.

This set is brought to life with Kiitab that not only reads out the Arabic words and Quran to your child, but it also translates, explains rules and plays games! It gives your child the ability to learn independently, leaving you free to know your child is making real progress in their learning.