Jannah: the Garden from the Quran and Hadith

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Mankind delights in beauty and perfection but we will never attain these in the life of this world. This is because Allah has created human nature to be content only in Jannah (The Garden). This beatifully produced book contains vivid descriptions of all aspects of Jannah taking the Qur’an and Sunnah as the sources.

Our Lord has created every human being to take delight in beauty and perfection, and has given us a spirit to yearn for these things. For this reason, from the first moment we start to understand life, we feel a constant desire to attain this perfection. We are always searching for the blessings of beauty around us. But, no matter how much we may desire these things and no matter how great our effort to attain them, we will never attain this perfection in this life. This is because Allah has created human nature to be content only in the Garden, and the desires of the human heart can only be fulfilled there. Allah has created this worldly life to be wanting and deficient and, indeed, there are reasons for these deficiencies. One of the reasons for the creation is to allow human beings the opportunity to make a sincere effort to attain the absolute beauty of the Garden. Everyone would like a world without sickness, death, war, battle, need and anxiety, and everyone looks for ways to live a happy, problem-free life. However, in the Quran Allah says that human beings will be able to live such a life only in the Garden. That is easy to attain: we must live lives that are pleasing to Allah. Then - Allah willing - we will attain a perfect and endlessly happy life, a life more wonderful than we could ever have desired or imagined.