Islamic Studies Level 5 (Revised And Enlarged Edition)

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All lessons are presented thematically in distinct units. The first few chapters in the Level 5 book focus on the Creator and His message. Chapter 2 explains why we should worship Allāh. Chapter 4 discusses uniform activities of the messengers, and dispels many of the misconceptions about them. Unit 2 provides details about the important battles and their impact on the history of early Islam. Unit 3 offers history of some of the messengers, particularly focusing on the morals to be learned from the messengers’ lives. Some age-appropriate ethical issues are also discussed.  Unit 5 teaches students to take a close look at some Islamic values and teachings, and encourages them to adopt these values.

The Level 5 book is intended for children ages 9–12 who have completed the Level 4 book from Weekend Learning or who have a similar knowledge base of Islam.