Islamic Studies Level 4 (Revised And Enlarged Edition)

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All lessons in this book are thematically presented in distinct units. Topics in the Level 4 book are diverse and are presented with greater detail. Learning about Allāh remains an important focus of the entire series, as well as the life of Nabi Muhammad. The unit on how Islam changed Arabia takes a closer look at the life of Nabi Muhammad before and after receiving divine revelations. With the ritual duties becoming obligatory to students in this age group, several topics on the Fiqh of salāt are introduced.  The lives of the four Khalīfas are covered in greater detail in order to explain their contributions to Islam. Several moral-building lessons are also included.

This is the revised and enlarged edition of Islamic Studies Level 4 book.

The Level 4 book is intended for children ages 8–11 who have completed the Level 3 book from Weekend Learning or who have a similar knowledge base of Islam. This is their third or fourth year in a formal Islamic class.