Islamic Studies Level 2 (Revised And Enlarged Edition)

Islamic Studies Level 2 (Revised And Enlarged Edition)

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All lessons are presented thematically in distinct units. Unit 1 focuses on the Creator and His message. This unit answers questions about Allāh, Islam, faith, and the Qur’ān. Unit 2 covers topics on our Ibadat-focusing on the five-pillars of Islam. Unit 3 covers the stories of some of the Messengers. Unit 4 covers some other topics about Islam that are relevant for students in this age group. An early undertanding of some of the basics of Islam is presented in this unit. Unit 5 describes proper adab and akhlaq learned from the Qur’ān and authentic sunnah of the Messenger (s).

As with the Level 1 book, each lesson begins with a coloring page. The coloring time helps students settle down and be comfortable before the lesson begins. Attention span of children is small; therefore, short paragraphs introduce two or three concepts. This is followed by in-class review section to allow for short break and reinforce learning. Some homework is included in the book, however schools and parents are encouraged to buy a separate workbook that has many more test questions and chapter-based activities.

This is the Revised and Enlarged edition of Level 2 Islamic Studies Book.

This revised edition is Ideally for 7-8-year old, second or third grade students. The children are in their second or third year in a formal Islamic class. This book builds on the knowledge base of the Level 1 book, with an additional emphasis while introducing the basics of Islam.