Islamic Studies: 7 – Learn about Islam Series (Workbook)

Islamic Studies: 7 – Learn about Islam Series (Workbook)

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Islamic Studies: Workbook 7 – Learn about Islam Series

This workbook accompanies the textbook and has been designed to do more than only recall factual information; it contains extended activities, advanced questions as well as project ideas to promote the intellectual development and skills of students.

Creative questions designed to strengthen thinking skills
The workbook not only tests learning but allows students to relate their learning to real world scenarios. The questions are also written to develop their critical thinking and analytical skills. Linked learning
The workbook contains questions that are connected to previously taught material, thereby reinforcing and reactivating previous learning episodes. This allows students to make broader connections and associations.
Literacy and numeracy skills
Keywords and vocabulary lists in the textbook help with the overall Arabic and English literacy skills of students. The workbook activities also ensure students further strengthen these skills.
A complete system creates a complete syllabus
Both the textbook and workbook tie in with our Learn by Heart Series and builds on the primary syllabus (Books 1-6).