Islamic Studies: 5 – Learn about Islam Series WB/TB Set

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content and prepares children to build on this through use of the rest of the primary and secondary series.

The full Safar curriculum is composed of four interlinking parts: Learn about Islam Series, Learn to Read Series (Qāʿidah, Rules of Tajwīd and Juz ), Learn by Heart Series ( Duʿāʾs and Sūrahs) and Learn Arabic Series which provides a comprehensive and structured curriculum for all teachers and students of today.

Islamic Studies: Workbook 5 – Learn about Islam Series

This workbook is written to accompany Safar Islamic Studies Textbook 5. It revises and tests core knowledge and aims to help students think creatively about what is being taught in order to enable meaningful application of this knowledge in their daily lives. The workbook has both standard and advanced level questions as well as a Ṣalāh tracker to aid students' self-assessment and reflection. The workbook also has extensive guidelines to help users maximise the effectiveness of the workbook in class and at home.