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This workbook is a companion to the third grade student’s textbook of the second generation of integrated curriculum "Iqra" for teaching Arabic as a second language. This book is considered a primary complement and an ordinary attachment to the student’s textbook. It gives students plenty of chances and time to apply the primary language skills, reading, writing, listening, and speaking that they have learned through the textbook. The lingual exercises and activities also help students to develop their linguistic analysis and critical thinking skills to scientifically contextualize and understand applied grammar. A big part of the vocabulary in this book was deliberately not done, simplifying it for students at this early level, especially for their previous learning with full diacritics in the student’s textbook. The exercises were designed to emphasize the verbal side of the language since exercises in the student’s textbook were designed to focus on writing. To achieve maximum benefit, teachers should concentrate on achieving the following: Improve the ability of silent reading alongside reading comprehension. Improve the ability of reading aloud for non-diacritic vocabularies and structure, lead by the correct articulation in the student’s book. Improve the skill of grasping the meaning contextually. Improve the ability to distinguish between cohesive linguistic structures and their meanings contextually in case they were wrongly ordered. Improve the skill of reordering certain words into full sentences. Improve the skill of choosing the correct word to fill the blank of a group of words contextually. Improve the skill of recognizing the words that are antonyms and synonyms. Improve the skill of recognizing and connecting between singular, dual and plural in nouns and pronouns. Improve the skill of forming verbs correctly and studied in applied and scientific ways without the need of theoretical understanding. Improve the skill of applying spelling and dictation rules for pure and correct writing. In addition to what is mentioned above, it is recommended to specify enough time to write most of the exercises directly supervised by the teacher. Few exercises can be specified as homework as long as a time in the teacher’s classroom or office was designated the following day to answer these exercises. This series consists of 6 levels, each level containing a textbook and workbook. A teacher's manual CD is also available for levels 1 and 2. *Iqra first generation still in stock feel free to email us on