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The new textbooks have been designed resting on the concept of Mahawir or "field of activities", under which fall two or three interrelated units dealing with topics related to the daily life and interests of students. Within each unit are seven to eight 'to the point' lessons dealing with conversational Arabic, reading, vocabulary and linguistic structures, applied grammar, spelling and dictation, review and reinforcement and finally cultural enrichment. In addition each of textbook contains a supplement of 4 to 5 units focusing on Islamic themes. Moreover; this second level based on 15 unit-lessons, where the textbook takes the learners to a higher stage of learning Arabic. Each lesson starts with a text for reading and comprehension; followed by a list of vocabulary and linguistic structures; then there is a section for exercises. It teaches structures, grammar, and vocabulary of Arabic language. Some of the topics covered are greetings, nouns and adjectives, conjunctions, ordinal numbers, noun-adjective phrases, and more. Short stories allow for both entertainment and practicing conversational Arabic. These successful books are colorful and appeal to children. Features: Arabic with English guidelines Modern methodology Colorful illustrations Islamic themes.