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This book challenges and dispels many old and corrupted notions and travesty of history. It will make the reader see the world in its true light.

This book, written for everyone, traces the history of knowledge and civilization from the beginning of the cosmos to the present. In simple terms, it shows the unfolding of science, literature and knowledge in general over the progressive periods of civilization. The book narrates, laced with beautiful poems and anecdotes, the story of the ancient empires – including the ancient Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Persian, Greek, Indian, Chinese, and Roman Empires. Along with the history of these civilizations it narrates the stories of the Abrahamic Prophets from Adam to Jesus. It examines the Zoroastrian Prophet, it shows the rise of mythological Pantheons and discusses the Indian epics. It then narrates the rise of Islam portraying the biography of the Prophet Mohammad and the four Caliphs – Abu Bakr, Umar, Osman and Ali. It deliberates on the Quran and its scientific aspects, Hadith and the legal jurisprudence of the four Great Imams – Abu Hanifa, Shafi’I, Malik and Ahmad bin Hanbal and the social emancipation consequent to Islam. Then follows the rise of the great Islamic Empires: The Umayyad, Abbasid, Ottomans, Safavids, Moghuls and others. It shows the great spread of knowledge when the Muslims became the foremost in the academe of the world. It also relates to the influence that Muslims had on popular culture of the world like the poems of Muslim Spain, and exotic poetry of Indian Muslims. It gives interesting biographies and the amazing works of a large number of Muslim scholars from Jabir al Haiyan, the father of Chemistry, to Ibn Khaldun, the father of Sociology on the one hand and the incredible contribution of great thinkers like Ghazali and Sheikhul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah, on the other hand. This book shows how this huge mass of knowledge was passed on to the Europeans giving rise to the renaissance. It shows the rise of Europe, through the age of colonization up to the American age, giving aspects of political science, economics and finance. It also discusses the periods of crises of the Muslims such as during the Crusades and the Mongols destruction. It examines the recent fall of the Muslims and reasons behind it and, finally, the dawning of realization and an awakening of the contemporary Muslims. This book challenges and dispels many old and corrupted notions and travesty of history. It will make the reader see the world in its true light.

M. Jamal Haider is a full time writer, and has studied in universities in Sydney, Nottingham and Dhaka. He is currently doing PhD research on ‘Muslim Intellectualism’ in Western Sydney University and is also a student of Sydney Islamic College studying various Islamic disciplines. He is also a research paper reviewer for the Australian Journal of Islamic Studies. Previously, he had worked as a Deputy Director in a government geological research organisation in Dhaka.

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In the Name of the Lord’—A history of knowledge and religion through civilisations from an Islamic perspective. This book provides a wide understanding about how knowledge and religion advanced over time.