Family Interactions: Successful Family Upbringing Series Book 3

Family Interactions (Successful Family Upbringing Series-03) (Default)

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Concepts, mechanisms & methods to improve the family communication and interpersonal relationships.

This series contains all that has to do with a child and his family from birth to the different stages of his development, the problem he posses and their solutions, the way to provide sound education for him; ranging from general education, education by counseling, the Quranic way of teaching, social education, physical education, psychological and mental education, etc., and suggesting workable means of ammonizing between his cultures and societal influences. This series therefore provides a golden opportunity for parents to learn how to raise their children Islamically. Since inception, the people of the other ideologies have never set a fair educational system that is free of remissness, dereliction, and self-interest. The similitude of their systems is like withered flowers, giving little or no fragrance, which could not be said to have once had a pleasant smell.