Creative Translation A Practical Course

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This book takes interpretive and collaborative approaches to improving the quality of literary translation. This guide not only presents the principles and guidelines of translation, but it also encourages students to apply them. The numerous exercises and drills within every chapter enable the reader to gain confidence and skills in mastering the art of creative translation, helping to clear the rocky road and to make the journey as smooth as possible. This book includes a variety of features, such as:

  • A brief introduction to the concept of creative translation, with grading criteria to assess the quality of students’ translations.
  • An in-depth look at different types of linguistic and cultural problems that may be encountered in translating a creative text.
  • An overview of the major methods and approaches available.
  • Examples and excerpts from a wide selection of authentic literary writings, including poetry, prose, drama and orations.

This valuable textbook, which provides a solid foundation for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, has been fully and successfully piloted at King Faisal University.

Author :- Dr. Ahmad M. Halimah