Children's Problems: Successful Family Upbringing Series Book 5

Successful Family Upbringing Series: Children's Problems (Default)

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The ten most common challenges of children and how to resolve them.

Individual families and societies, are faced with the problem of how to relate with the overwhelming modern cultures that have been vigorously streamed on us from all nooks and crannies of the world. Moreover, in reality this problem is no more of relationship or management, the effect of those alien cultures has grown to being capable of causing a lot differences among people in our community, in relation to their manners, general practices and traditions, which are the main points of contest. All these have affected the level of attention the parents pay to their families, in terms of planning their family lives and projecting for the upbringing and future of their children. This makes it necessary for us to continue to discuss and write on the matter of child upbringing, as that is the only way out for us. And this is the aim of writing this book.