Arabic at our Children's Hands Series (9 Books Set Student Books )

Arabic at our Children's Hands Series (9 Books Set Student Books )

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Arabic at our Children's Hands Series

the latest series specialized in Arabic teaching to the non - natives. It is composed by an elite of specialized academicians for students at the age of (5-18) years.

It consists of 9 student’s books.

to be taught in all educational institutions. It adopts the Classical Arabic as a methodology.


The Series is characterized by:

  • -It brings integration among language, communication, and cultural competencies.
  • It adopts the latest foreign language teaching methods.
  • It adopts the suspense style for students through interesting functional drawings.
  • It qualifies the students for university study in Arabic.

It enables the student to:

  • Form correct Arabic sentences in terms of syntax and morphology.
  • Distinguish the articulated Arabic voices
  • Communicate with the natives in all occasions.

The Series also :

  • Added the exercise and activity books to the student’s books for practical reasons.
  • (Not Included) the guidelines for class management, the exercise answers( and the student’s books) in the teacher's bookIt integrates with Arabic At Your Hands series for Adults that is approved in more than 1500 educational institutions globally. Please contact for information.




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