Anfas Al Oud 15 ml

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Anfas Al Oud Perfume Oil  delightful, high quality concentrated oil Attar comes in a fancy, stylized decorative gift bottle. This very appealing and beautiful perfume bottle is placed in an attractive presentation box.
The fragrance smells absolutely amazing. Deep oud incense enrich with a cloud of taif rose and jasmine, carnal, fleshy, aromatic and strong, perfect warm spicy touch…

Anfas Al Oud - Arabian perfumes AlRehab perfect flavor of Udy. The aroma is very stable, the whole day missing one drop. Nepritorny, with a particular highlight that opens up during the day. East Udova flavor. Satisfactory sales hit among fragrances. Exquisite bottle and bright aroma of the perfect combination of company Alrehab. 

Arab oil perfume Al Rehab - it's a wonderful mix based on natural oils. It takes just a tiny droplet to create a stunning light fragrance virtually all day. In contact with water flavor is enhanced, opening like a flower bud beautiful flower. Arabian perfumes has a long history. Magnificent traditional materials, elegance and traditions of the amazing skills of Arab perfumers - something that is peculiar to the Arab spirits for many centuries. Arabs love the flavors are considering a good indicator of perfume highest cleanliness and good taste.