An Introduction to the Arabic Language through Islamic Text Vol I and Vol II

An Introduction to the Arabic Language through Islamic Text Vol I and Vol II

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There is no other language which attained to such perfection with so sudden a moment in history as the Arabic language during, and following, the 23-year revelation of the Qur'an. Indeed, the Arabic language appears singularly fortunate in having been favored with the invigorating, empowering, burden of God's Syed Iqbal Zaheer's notable, and innovative, effort in his "An Introduction to the Arabic Language Through Islamic Texts" must be emphasized here as a path-breaking, pioneering, attempt to teach the Arabic language fully through the medium of the very cause of its perfection, its raison d'etre even: the divine text of the Qur'an and its inescapable, time-honored, human derivative – the Ahadith or the traditions of the last messenger of God.


This attempt has been pioneering in the sense that while several instructors in the Arabic language have, in the past, employed certain verses of the Qur'an here or a few Ahadith there in order to enrich their course material, none have so singularly focused on this medium of instruction as has been done in the book under discussion.


Thus, a dual purpose is served: learning Arabic as well as Islam from its sources. All things considered, An Introduction to the Arabic Language through Islamic Texts must be seen as the painstaking result of two decades of research, study and application. Starting with the alphabets, it takes the student through a useful 90-step process right up to the classical works of Imam Qurtubi, Ibn Taymiyyah, Ghazali, and Sayyid Qutb amongst a host of other giants in the history of Islamic literature.


Considering the range and variety offered under one program as An Introduction… presents, and the fact that it is already being used in several Islamic centres, and at least in one institution in India, the book is definitely a ‘must-buy' for anyone interested in the pursuit of the Arabic language, in particular, and for any student of Islamic culture, in general.