Aiding The Khatib And Imam In Understanding The Rulings Of Being An Imam Within The Ummah

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Size 6 X 9 / Pgs.145 / Paperback

Translator:Raha Batts / Publisher:Authentic Statements


The praise is for Allaah; may prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allaah; his family and companions. To Proceed:

The noble Shaykh Muhammad ibn Zayd ibn Muhammad Al-Madkhalee, may Allaah grant him success, has sent to me his treatise which he has titled:

إعانة الخطباء والأئمّة بفقه إمامة الأمة

Aiding the Khatībs and Imāms in Understanding the Rulings of being an Imām within the Ummah

It is answers to questions contained within two compiled (parts):

The ‘Aqeedah Collection: This is questions connected to the ‘Aqeedah.

The Fiqh Collection: This is questions connected to purification, prayer, the congregational prayer, Friday prayers, the two ‘Eid prayers, the prayer for seeking rain, the eclipse prayer, and washing the deceased.

I focused on reading the ‘Aqeedah collection twice and I see that he has been successful within it to give correct answers, in a manner that is succinct yet not devoid (of important aspects). Due to this, it is beneficial for the beginner student of knowledge as well as he who is in charge of being an Imam for the people. I encourage the students of knowledge to read it and to benefit from it.

Written by Ahmad ibn Yahyaa An-Najmee (1/1/1428 h.)