40 Hadith On The Qur'an 2nd Edition

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Taken from the book, “40 Hadith on the Qur’ān: Principles for the Bearer of the Qur’ān – with supportive narrations and sayings” (2nd Edition) A.B. al-Mehri.

The book revolves around 30 key principles that the Hamil al-Qur’ān (Bearer of the responsibility of the Qur’ān) should understand. These principles or maxims are expounded upon by over 80 narrations and sayings. 

Of these 80 or so narrations, a total of 40 Prophetic Hadith on the Qur’ān have been earmarked for special attention; signifying their importance and relevance to our modern times. These 40 Hadith will serve to illustrate the importance and criticality of learning and implementing the guidance of the Qur’ān.