THE FIRST COMMAND: IQRA – Its Impact on Global Intellectualism and the Renaissance

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For nearly a thousand years, the early Muslims were the best scholars and scientists in the world. This book provides the history of Muslim intellectualism and its impact starting from that period in three sections:


  • Why and how the early Muslims became the intellectual leaders of the world.
  • How the Muslim scholars’ contributions shaped global intellectualism including the Renaissance.
  • Finally, how Muslim intellectualism regressed to the pathetic level that is witnessed today.
  • This is the first book ever to cover Muslim intellectualism in all through the ages to the present in a comprehensive manner. 


This book is a result of years of research and analysis of a variety of disciplines. It provides remarkable new information and analytic insight that will amaze all readers.


Unknown to many, the modern world has been shaped and is indebted to Muslim scholars of the past for their contributions in all aspects of knowledge. Social emancipation, academic excellence, scientific and technical advancement, literary and philosophical brilliance—Muslims have contributed prodigiously to them all.