The End Of Democracy

The End of Democracy (Default)

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The End of Democracy answers these and other questions along with addressing many misconceptions systematically promoted by the Western media and their collaborators among Muslims. It specifically covers the disinformation spread and confusion promoted by well-known "scholars" of Islam in their discussion under the title "Islam and the Challenge of Democracy" as if democracy is out to challenge the core principles of Islam. For most of the duration during its conceptual phases the title of this book remained "Democracy and the Challenge of Islam," for it tried to counter the baseless arguments presented in the aforementioned series of the Boston Review which is now available in book form as well. However, as the research progressed and went beyond response to the shallow arguments of the "scholars" of Islam, it became evident that democracy, as we witness today, is here but for far not too long. The title was changed to The End of Democracy because the more people, such as Bush and Blair, go out to take lives of thousands of innocent people around the world for imposing their brand of twisted democracy through puppets like Mubarak and Musharraf, the more the institutions established for real democracy and the individuals working for it would feel more embarrassed over democracy's fate tomorrow than even the Nazis after the fall of Hitler. In the face of what is happening around the world at the hands of the "champions of democracy," democracy is already dead and its concept has lost its utility for the simple reason that its guardians would never want to make a course correction for making it a real, representative and consultative form of governance. Instead they would love to see the people reject their ideas, ideals and policies and keep on perfecting their respective police states regardless of the popular opposition. See transcripts of recent press conference of Bush and Blair at a time when 200,000 people were protesting outside in the street. The problem is that many of us do not see any alternative to democracy and that lack of vision makes many stick to the search for the illusive true democracy.