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The End of Democracy answers these and other questions along with addressing many misconceptions systematically promoted by the Western media and their collaborators among Muslims.

The End of Democracy answers these and other questions along with addressing many misconceptions systematically promoted by the Western media and their collaborators among Muslims. It specifically covers the disinformation spread and confusion promoted by well-known "scholars" of Islam in their discussion under the title "Islam and the Challenge of Democracy" as if democracy is out to challenge the core principles of Islam. For most of the duration during its conceptual phases the title of this book remained "Democracy and the Challenge of Islam," for it tried to counter the baseless arguments presented in the aforementioned series of the Boston Review which is now available in book form as well. However, as the research progressed and went beyond response to the shallow arguments of the "scholars" of Islam, it became evident that democracy, as we witness today, is here but for far not too long. The title was changed to The End of Democracy because the more people, such as Bush and Blair, go out to take lives of thousands of innocent people around the world for imposing their brand of twisted democracy through puppets like Mubarak and Musharraf, the more the institutions established for real democracy and the individuals working for it would feel more embarrassed over democracy's fate tomorrow than even the Nazis after the fall of Hitler. In the face of what is happening around the world at the hands of the "champions of democracy," democracy is already dead and its concept has lost its utility for the simple reason that its guardians would never want to make a course correction for making it a real, representative and consultative form of governance. Instead they would love to see the people reject their ideas, ideals and policies and keep on perfecting their respective police states regardless of the popular opposition. See transcripts of recent press conference of Bush and Blair at a time when 200,000 people were protesting outside in the street. The problem is that many of us do not see any alternative to democracy and that lack of vision makes many stick to the search for the illusive true democracy. There is hardly anyone in the world who would argue that democracy is perfect. No sooner they find and understand the alternative, the perfect alternative, their association with the convoluted democracy we are subjected to by a few elite might become a stigma for them. The End of Democracy presents that alternative to the stagnation of democracy that is getting foul and turning into unprecedented kind of tyranny with each passing day. “...persuasive and conclusive..” --— Media Monitors Network, USA “A thought-provoking work that points towards solution for the problems caused by the failure of secular democracy...” --— Ayub Azhar Hamid, National Director, CIC truly points out that just like the corporate media the corporate democracy is bitterly suppressing the will of the people. --Baluchistan Post From the Publisher Review July 11, The Dawn By I. H. Raashed Abid Ullah Jan is a political analyst and development specialist. He studied chemistry and gradated from the University of London with a specialisation in environmental management. He has published many books and articles on democracy, human rights and justice. His latest book the End of Democracy highlights the failure of democracy to solve the problems of the world and the various causes of this failure. It also suggest that the only alternative system left to be tried by the world is Islam. Referring to the Francis Fukuyama’s book the End of History written after the end of Cold War in which liberal democracy triumphed over communism, Abid Ullah Jan says that the history did not end then. If anything the unprovoked attack on Iraq in the face of massive global opposition was in fact the end of democracy. Democracy has failed and the system has been used and abused following the 9/11 incident. A minority elite to curtail civil liberties and mislead the public at home whist waging wars of domination abroad, has under minded democracy. The author argues that that since the positive aspects of democracy are the hallmarks of Islam as well, it will ultimately challenge and triumph over liberal democracy. At the dawn of the 21st century a number of experiments in human governance are before us and history has proved their impracticability. It is not only democracy that is facing a challenge. Those who challenged it are called upon to offer a feasible alternative. The causes of failure of democracy are many. The centre for evolution of Democracy (USA) has identified eleven problems which democracy faces. These are the continuous attempts by the special interests to steal the wealth of the common people; the incomplete or unfair representation of minorities women and the poor; a growing disparity between the rich and the poor; unfairly structured electoral processes; a lack of integration among nations; the absence of measure to protect natural environment and to control population growth; the inordinate influence of the lobbyists; pervasive distortion of information by the mass media that are dominated by special interests; an increasing degree of information overload; the inadequacy of educational institutions in preparing citizens to participate in the multicultural and increasingly complex process of democratic decision making and the demosclerotic we of entitlements that has accompanied the struggle for a greater share of the welfare state. Thus the problem lies in the people’s lack of realisation that democracy has failed and the need to identify its shortcomings and find a solution. All other systems of government — monarchy, feudalism, dictatorships of many stripes, fascism, oligarchy, corporatism, anarchy — have failed completely. History also shows that the champions of democracy have manipulated it time and again. It touched its peak for a short time when some American intellectuals could not resist declaring it the end of history. The author claims that the only alternative that can cater to the ultimate needs of human society and address all the weaknesses of democracy is Islam. The philosophy and principles of an Islamic state, according to the author, provide the framework for an Islamic state. These include divine sovereignty, government and law with a particular reference to the holy Qur’an, the rule of law and Shari’ah, legislation, parliament and Ijthihad, elections and qualifications of the candidates, rights of minorities, human rights, and political parties in Islamic State. Abid Ullah Jan is a political analyst and development specialist. He studied Chemistry and graduated from the University of London with specialization in Environmental Management. Since the late 1980s, he has published many books and articles on political, resource and community development issues. He has written many important works disclosing the forgery of the fake champions of democracy, human rights and justice, the invalidity of their claims and their dark alliances with the most repressive dictators in the world. As a direct victim of a repressive regime, his books include 'A War on Islam?', which explores the forces that are running the so-called war on terrorism and the bloody occupations in the name of freedom and democracy. Other write ups of the author are available at ICSSA