Suratuz-Zalzalah :Mini Tafseer Book Series (Ad-Duha Institute)

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Suratuz-Zalzalah is about the things that will happen on Yowmul-Qiyaamah, like
the terrible shaking of the Earth, and the tiniest good and bad deeds being
counted. It is one of 9 suwaar (chapters) in the Qur’aan named after Yowmul-Qiyaamah, or something that will happen on Yowmu-lQiyaamah.

Description More Product Details Customer Reviews This book contains simplified tafseer of Suratuz-Zalzalah for children. The Mini Tafseer Book series is designed to help parents teach their children the tafseer (exegesis or explanation) of the surahs (chapters of the Qur’an) studied in the Ad-Duha Institute Islamic Studies and Arabic program. Each book in the series covers one surah (chapter) and features: Special facts about the surah that make it unique Arabic text of the entire surah Transliteration of every ayah (verse) to assist non-Arabic speakers in correct pronunciation English translation of every ayah Simplified tafseer for every ayah, based on the classic tafseer of Ibn Kathir Highlighted Arabic vocabulary tied into the Ad-Duha Arabic Exercise Books (to assist with comprehension) One sentence summary of what the surah is about Review section at the end of each book Original illustrations to help students remember the topics covered in the surah Coloring pages in every book to make learning fun! The content of this series has been based on the Tafseer of Ibn Kathir and the Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation of the Qur’an.