Riyaad As-Saaliheen: Gardens of the Righteous (Arabic/English text)

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Every compilation of Prophetic tradition has distinguishing characteristics. As for Riyaad as-Saaliheen, it does not contain statements of legal nature, nor is it extensive. Nevertheless, it is comprehensive, and it derives from the six books which is an added virtue. In fact, the path to Paradise lies within Riyaad as-Saaliheen, thus it is read by many on a constant basis.

Abu Mas'ood 'Uqba bin al Ansaree Al Badree has said: The Messenger of Allah (may Allah send salutations upon him) has said, "If one helps another do good, both are rewarded similarly." (Narrated by Muslim)
Consequently, Riyaad as Saliheen should be read unto others as frequently as possible, as success lies with Allah.