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Choose from 18 reciters!
Whole Quran in 1 Mp3 Cd.

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Choose from 18 reciters! Whole Quran in 1 Mp3 Cd. We hope you find our brief information on the Sheikhs handy; - Saood Ash Shuraim - An all-time classic. He was the Imam of the Haram. - Saood Ash Shuraim - Another classic & also Imam of the Haram. One of the most popular reciters around. - Shuraim & Sudais - Can’t decide between the two? How about them reading half the Quran each! - Maher Al Muaqili – This Sheikh has become a sensation. Allah has definitely gifted him with a beautiful voice. Current Imam of the Haram. - Abdul Basit – This Sheikh has the older generation in AWE and rightly so. Revolutionised Tajweed recitation. - Ahmad Bin Ali Ajami – Powerful reciter and has been on the scene for years. Very emotional recitation of the Quran. - Hani Abdul Rifaee – A new reciter. Had to bring this Sheikhs products due to high customer requests. - Abu Bakr Shatree – Calm & Comforting would be his style. Slow annunciations and his eloquence is perhaps one of our favourite reciters. - Al Kalbani – An African Sheikh who was an Imam at the Haram. Deep & Soothing. - Housary – Great for those trying to perfect Tajweed! - Saleh Budayr – Young Imam who has had his Quran on digital media since he was about 10! Beautiful recitation from this Imam. - Muhammed Ayoub – Another great Imam for those who are working for better Tajweed/ Mukharaj. - Hudhafi – This Sheikh was the Imam for Masjid Manwara (Prophets Mosque). Great for listening, learning, memorizing. A true all rounder. - Muhammed Tablawi – A lot of teachers recommend their students to this Sheikh due to his excellent grasp of Tajweed. - Saad Al Ghamid – All Islamic productions that have Quran within them have this Sheik to recite. One of the sweetest recitations of the Quran and one of our most popular. - Ali Abdullah Jabbar – Great for memorizing. - Fares Abbad – Another new reciter…very similar to Ajami - Muhammed Jibreel – After coming to Sydney 5-6 years ago, we still have customers asking about this Sheikh! Slow and Calculated would be the