Protection Against the Plots of Shaytaan

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The books explains the various ways in which Shaytaan works and gives advice on how to strengthen ouselves against his influences.

The books explains the various ways in which Shaytaan works and gives advice on how to strengthen ouselves against his influences.It is the battle with Iblees - Allaah curse him - and his party that has been the principal battle since the time the enemy of Allaah resolved to pursue Aadam and his offspring in all situations and at all times, coming to him from all directions and following him every minute, as Allaah The Lord of all Creation informed us: "(Iblees) said `Allow me respite until the Day they are raised up'Allaah said `You are of those given respite.' (Iblees) said `Because You have sent me astray I will sit in wait against them (mankind) on Your Straight Path. Then I will come to them from in front of them and behind them, for their right and their left, and You will not find most of them thankful to You." Ash-Shaytaan has announced this struggle as a fierce, murderous war, springing from his evil nature, arrogance and rancour toward mankind. He has sought the permission of Allaah to fight, and Allaah has granted His permission for a wisdom He knows. Thus ash-Shaytaan has come forth executing his warning and deriding his slaves. However, Allaah has not left mankind devoid of any equipment, for He has given them of Eemaan (faith/belief} that which is a shield, remembrance of Him (dhikr) as preparation and the seeking of protection with Him (al-isti'aadhah) as a weapon. Allaah has exposed the steps and methods taken by Shaytaan; so that if a person neglects his shield and weapon and falls short in recognising the plots and plans of his enemy, then his enemy will have power over him- and there is no ability or power except from Allaah. If the servant of Allaah gives permission to his enemy, opens the. door to his house for him, admits him therein and allows him to brandish the weapon to fight with then he alone is to blame, and he should not blame anyone but himself. Truly it is by the permission of Allaah that a person once stated: 'Die in your grief, for you have no excuse'.I therefore sought the guidance of Allah in gathering the `Islamic equipment' that will overcome Shaytaan and his party. The result was this treatise - in which I have explained the Divine warning against the Shaytaans' deception. It is entitled Protection against the Plots of Shaytaan in the Light of the Noble Qur'aan and Authentic Sunnah. I ask Allaah that it be a protection for the Believers against the plots of Shaytaan and the deceptions of Iblees. I hope from any earnestly concerned brother that if he sees any mistakes or shortcomings in this book he will advise me, for indeed Allaah has made sincere advice an act of worship for he whose intention is pure