Noble Qur'an Arb/Eng (9 Vol. Set with Full Tafsir)

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With Comments From Tafsir At-Tabari, Al-Qurtubi , Ibn Kathir and Ahadith from Sahih Al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim and Other Ahadith Books

Interpretation of the meanings of The Noble Qur'an (9 Volume Set) - Arabic Text With English Translation With Comments From Tafsir At-Tabari, Al-Qurtubi , Ibn Kathir and Ahadith from Sahih Al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim and Other Ahadith Books It is unique, remarkable and distinguished for its crystal clear, precise and pristine meanings. The meanings are fully elaborated and explained by Tafsir At-Tabari, Al-Qurtubi and Ibn Kathir and Ahadith from Sahih Al-Bukhari & Muslim. The work is recognized, approved and widely attributed throughout the world as the most accurate, exact, authentic, real and original interpretation of the Noble Qur'an. This 9 volume version offers commentary and complete hadith in Arabic and English related to the verse. This unique combination of commentary and relevant Ahadith makes this a very useful study reference tool. The Arabic text is taken from Mushaf al Madinah. About the Compilers& Translators Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan Dr Muhsin Khan was born in 1345 Al-Hijr (1927) in Qasur, a city of the Punjab Province, in Pakistan. His grandfathers emigrated from Afghanistan escaping from wars and tribal strifes. Muhammad Muhsin belongs to the Afghan tribe AlKhoashki Al-Jamandi. The residence of his tribe was the valley of Afghastan south east of Kandahar, Afghanistan. He is Formerly Director, University Hospital Islamic University, Al-Madinah AI-Munawwarah Saudi Arabia. He is a specialist of heart diseases who worked for sometime in England, then moved to Saudi Arabia , he has worked as the Director of El-Sadad Hospital (Ta'if) for the Chest Diseases, Chief of the Department of Chest Diseases in the King's Hospital (Madina) and Director of the Islamic University Clinic, Al-Madinah Dr.Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali Dr. Al-Hilali was born in the year 1311 (A.H.) in a village called Al-Fidah in a valley near Sajalmasah in Morocco (N. Africa). His grandfather migrated from Al-Qairawan (Tunis). He was a person endued with religious knowledge and so was his father and so was his family. Dr. Al-Hilali belongs to the family of Husain bin Ali - the family of Prophet Muhammad (S) . His real name is Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din, his Kunyah is Abu Shakib. He memorized the Qur'an while a boy of 12 years. Then he studied Arabic grammar and Tajwid and other Arabic knowledge of Ahadith of the Prophet (S) . His was educated in Al-Qarawiyyth University and completed his education in Egypt, and got his doctorate from the Berlin University (Germany). He worked in Baghdad University, as an assistant professor, then a professor. Lastly, he worked as a professor in the Islamic University, Al-Madinah (Saudi Arabia).He also learned well the English and German languages. He travelled widely all over the world in search of knowledge (India, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc.). He worked as a teacher in these countries. Dr. Al-Hilali had widespread experience in the field of dawah and has written many books. He died in the year 1408 Hijrah. May Allah shower His Blessings on him.