Muslim's Guide to Islamaphobia

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All this hate and prejudice against Islam…all this Islamaphobia…are we looking the next crime against humanity by a western power right in the face? Our greatest challenge as human beings today is to follow a method of critical independent thinking. It is all too easy for the public to be swayed by heated emotion, hate and prejudice without serious study of cold historic facts. With sophisticated tools such as propaganda and mass media we have witnessed in modern history how western countries have horrifically stereotyped entire races, nations and ethnic groups. After all it was Napoleon Bonaparte who identified a problem when he stated "authoritarian government required not to speak is silent…but representative government required to speak LIES with impunity." Since September 11th attacks, some western nations have deluded their public about the need for pre-emptive military attacks, invasion and occupation of so-called third world nations in the name of peace and security. The Western media has suddenly discovered that the likes of Saddam Hussein, who for nearly 20 years was held up by the western media as a champion of modernism fighting internal and external opposition (including the Kurdish groups like Ansar Al Islam who were slaughtered by US cruise missile attacks during the invasion) calling for a representative Muslim republic in Iraq, suddenly turned out to be this really nasty military dictator! Indeed, it was western support that kept Saddam (and so many other brutal dictators) in power for so long but those now crying crocodile tears for the people of Iraq don't like any discussion of that fact and pretend they know better what is best for the people of Iraq. As if to add insult to injury, the west finds no case for liberation of, or even sending in of peace keepers for, the several million Palestinians who suffer under the bloody Israeli military junta that occupies their land with an iron fist. Even when Israeli terrorists attacks western citizens (USS Liberty, King David Hotel bombing, Rachael Corrie-peace activist, UN envoys etc.) no call for a global war on Jewish terror emanates from the west. No doubt, the rise of the cynical use of propaganda in Europe in the 19th and 20th century opened the door to the justification for colonialism, racism and fascism. These were the vital tools that turned even a neutral individual into an ardent supporter of what would otherwise be viewed as an outrageous injustice or crime. The rise of a pattern western neo-fascism against Islam within so-called Western Democracies (Plutocracies) was brought to an all new high of hate and violence, even from official quarters, with the targeting of Muslim communities across the western world after 11th September 2001. Are we witnessing the rise of the latest form of western fascism? How can a World war against terrorism be fought with no agreed definition of what terrorism is or by attributing it to one community alone? Christianity, Judaism even secularism all have their own fair share of terrorist organizations most of which have targeted western citizens.