I Love Muhammad SAW

I Love Muhammad SAW

Darussalam Islamic Bookshop Australia

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Each page is different colour to introduce your child to colours.

Black and white line art illustrations against high contrast background.

Write and wipe glossy surface of the book promotes creative expression.

A sturdy board book which will be well loved for years to come.

Age: Babies up till 5-6 years
13 pages

Introduce your little ones to Muhammad SAW through this one of a kind board book. Written with simple rhyming text and illustrated with high contrast images, this book is sure to capture your child’s attention.

The book walks you through the simple day to day sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW which we apply in our daily life. Eating with right hand, cleanliness, kindness. It’s written with the intent that our children grow up idolizing Muhammad SAW and keep his values close to their heart.

I Love Muhammad SAW is the first book of its kind about Muhammad SAW in the world of Islamic children books.