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Over 1400 years ago, an entire generation was transformed by a message delivered to them by the greatest guide to ever set foot on Earth. This product was inspired by their story.

Companion Collection immerses the entire family into the incredible lives of the Shahaba - the Companions of the Messenger of Allah (S). There set contains: Companion Quest With over 500 jewels covering the lives of over 100 Companions, encapsulated in a thrilling clues game, Companion Quest is one of a kind. As a dual game, designed to be played between two people or teams, clues are read out revealing the identity of a Companion. The faster you guess, the more points you gain. The set also contains a bonus Highlights and Villains set which completes the package beatifully. Companoin Clues This childrens game uses logical deduction and multiple choice questions to learn about the Companions. It's a fantastic learning tool to get to know about the Sahaba in a thought provoking way. Companion Clues covers 60 Sahaba and is also designed to be played as a dual game between two or more people or teams. Companion Course Children Vs. Grown Ups! Companion Course is a board game that allows both Companion Quest and Companoin Clues to be played on one platform. Points from both games are converted into moves on a path that traverses through the lands that the Companions carried the message of Islam to. Companion Course comes complete with magnetic counters that double up as clips used to bookmark the Companion Quest and Compaion Clues cards.