Change or Lose

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“A wonderful book on the importance of change, providing practical steps in achieving it.”

From the author: Change is not an easy and insignificant issue. It needs a deep insight and vision as much as will and determination. It is important here to realise that we can’t achieve all what we want and desire. Furthermore, getting what we need and desire may not always be in our best interest. This, of course, requires two things from us: First: realise the limits of our potentials [and capabilities] in a good way. For instance, the person who is fifty years old can’t play on an international football team. Similarly, a person who is in his sixties can’t memorize poetry in the same capacity as the twenty years old person. Second: we should always aim to make what we desire to achieve within the domain of legal and moderate scope. In case of confusion or if we feel short-sighted, we should seek refuge with Allah, the Almighty, seek His [guidance] and assistance, then we should be satisfied and happy with what He grants us in terms of good and success. I will attempt through this treatise to break this hard equation by presenting top, deep and practical ideas in an easy method that would be understood by the youth without much difficulties. Excerpt from the book on self reflection: "We always have things that preoccupy our minds and lives. We always have something that we think is more important than sitting alone to reflect on our condition and current situation. The reality is not so. In truth, we are afraid to confront ourselves; afraid to put our finger on the realities of our shortcomings and faults. Perhaps we do so because [deep inside] we don’t want to convict ourselves, or we don’t want to feel that there is something that we need to change or give up. The journey of change begins when we acquire the habit of seclusion for a short period of time - even for ten minutes every day, or every week - for self-assessment and examination. We need to ask ourselves some penetrating questions and offer honest answers for such questions."