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Azza Silver by Swiss Arabian is a Oriental Spicy fragrance for men. Top note is agarwood (oud); middle notes are elemi, olibanum, caraway and saffron; base notes are labdanum and leather.

Oriental-spicy fragrance "AZZA" envelops the festive evening in the thick scent woven from wood oils, fresh flowers and warm leather nuances. In the top note on the background of floral bouquet emerges gently smoky, balsamic Udova shade. Aristocratic bitterness of this precious wood permeates the whole fragrance, blending with the heart note. There is shown a spicy mixture of saffron and cumin, resinous galbanum undertones and delicate citric nuance elemi, in which different shades of hot pepper and frankincense. At the bottom of the note shimmer earthy scent of patchouli and viscous, astringency ebony, thick leather and smoke nuances of vetiver. . Top notes: floral bouquet, balsamic beats Average note: saffron, caraway, galbanum, hot pepper, incense Base note: Patchouli, ebony, vetiver, leather .