Save Yourself and Your Family from the Hellfire

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He (Sallahu alayhi wa salam) said,

“If you knew what I know, you would laugh a little and cry a lot, and you would not have pleasure with women in bed, and you would have left to an elevated area supplicating ardently to Allah.”

If we knew what was with Allah from the (different) types of punishment and the distress and hardships, we would not have pleasure with women in bed; rather, our feet would not remain at home, and we would go out in the roads supplicating to the Lord of the worlds to save us from His punishment. This is the speech of our Prophet (Sallahu alayhi wa salam). O noble Muslim, in these two tremendous hadeeth are an indication of a tremendous painful punishment that is being saved with Allah for the sinners, as well as a difficult distressful torment that is being saved with the Lord of the worlds for the disobedient. Take heed. What is astonishing is he who laughs and his heart is at ease, and he is falling into sin and he does not know where his end will be. What are amazing are us, O brothers. How are we heedless about that which is waiting for us? Glorified is Allah, did not we read the Quran? Of course; by Allah, did not we read the sunnah? Certainly; therefore, what is wrong with us? Indeed, there is a barrier between understanding the Quran and the Quran entering the hearts, and between our hearts. There are barriers of sins that have blocked the Quran from entering the hearts.

“Do they not reflect about the Quran? Or, are (their) hearts closed up?”

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