Rabbana: Supplications From The Holy Qur’an  With CD


-Rabbana is an essential Quran-based resource for the supplicant. Prayer is at the heart of all true worship. – In these Quranic verses we can see how the prophets and believing men and women called on God for their needs, and unfailingly turned to the Creator with glorifications and supplications (du’a’s). With prayer we repel grief, despondency, and fear (khawf) and replace them with hope (raj’a), confidence, and trust (tawakkul). Supplication is also a way of seeking forgiveness (istighfar) for our sins and purifying the heart (taharat al-qalb). According to Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya the speech of God in the majestic Qur’an is powerful and transformative, it contains His complete cure, beneficent protection, guiding light, and all-embracing mercy. – The Qur’anic du’as can be read by themselves, in conjunction with du’a’s from the Sunna or with our own words in a private talk (munajat) with God. The book also contains etiquettes for supplication, including a detailed listing of the opportune times and states when these du’as are likely to be accepted and the prohibited manners and situations to be avoided. The accompanying CD contains all the Qur’anic verses in the book to aid effective learning and memorisation.

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