Orchidee Celeste 75 ml


Ajmal fashion house has released two new women’s compositions at the end of 2015: Rose Wood and Orchidee Celeste. Oriental floral Ajmal Orchidee Celeste dedicated sensual orchids. Delicate and heady, refined and enveloping perfume opens with sweet berry motifs beautifully shaded sunshine citrus. At the heart of the refined Ajmal Orchidee Celeste on the background of creamy cedar substrate emerges charming duet black rose with orchid. Languid, expressive and sensual play masterfully framed powdery veil of tonka bean, elegant, like a mist, soft amber warm and wonderful vanilla chords.

Composition: berries, mandarin, bergamot, orchid, cedar, black rose, jasmine, tonka bean, amber and vanilla.

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