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Ike Rules and Terminology of the Science ofHadith

The Qur’an and Sunnah are the two foundations by which Allah established the proof against His slaves. And upon these two sources the rulings of belief and action are built, whether by way of aflirmation, or negation.

And the one who seeks to use the Qur’an as evidence only needs to investigate what the text indicates, in regard to its ruling. There is no need to investigate its chain of narration, as it has been absolutely confirmed, by way of multiple paths of transmis~ sion, both in its wordings and in its meanings. Allah says: ‘It is We who sent down the Qur’an and, We will preserve it’ [Al Hijr: 9].

As for the one who seeks to use the Sunnah as evidence, then two things require investigation:

  1. That it is established from the Prophet, since not everything that is attributed to him is authentic.
  2. What the text indicates in terms of its ruling.

So as a result of this first area of investigation, it was necessary to lay down some principles to discern thereby, that which has been attributed to the Prophet and is to be accepted, from that which is to be rejected. As a result of that, the scholars -May Allah have mercy on them, have established that and called it: ‘Mustalah Al-Hadith’

(The Rules and Terminology of the Science’of Hadith).

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