LA YUQAWAM Ambergris Shower Rasasi


LA YUQAWAM Ambergris Shower Rasasi, Ambregris Showers & Jasmine Wisp, the male and female fragrances of LaYuqawum III remain true to the DNA of the series. Its exquisite scents celebrate confidence, irresistibility and timeless elegance through a highly distinguishing olfactory signature. Both variants pay homage to the famed Middle Eastern tradition of an elegant, intoxicating fragrance trail; a la scent signature that announces the wearer before the arrival while leaving behind a mysteriously lingering aura.

The Jasmine Wisp woman is a young, modern, cosmopolitan yet she is also a dreamer with a love for discovery. The fragrant trail of the fragrance heightens her inner confidence while enveloping her in an aura of mystery. Created for a woman with a strong personality, the long -lasting floral fragrance brims with happiness and promise.

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