Horizons in the Arabic Language Textbook: Level 5 الآفاق في اللغة العربية كتاب الطالب


This series levels lay the firm foundations necessary for students to develop language proficiency in the future. Now greater emphasis is placed on sentence formation and conversational Arabic. The alphabet is introduced using fun illustrations. Students are encouraged to use the correct pronunciation. There is a gradual introduction to vowels and basic vocabulary. Nasheed sections combine enjoyment with education. Oral drills using short sentences allow students to begin developing their spoken language skills. The objective is to make learning Arabic more easily achievable and enjoyable for students. Students begin to perform the ‘Tajreed’ of the letters and learn how they are used in different words. Over all levels the students are introduced to more grammar and vocabulary with focus using fun illustrations. Alphabetical knowledge is reinforced and the ‘Tanween’ is introduced at certain age appropriate level. Conversational skills are further developed using a broader range of vocabulary. Writing skills are focused upon. Islamic poetry, haddith and ‘Surahs’ are studied. 

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