Facing Calamities 43 Ways of Facing Trials and Troubles


This world is a place of pains and troubles in which every human being faces some hardships. Actually these trials And test aren’t there to give pain instead they are here so that one reforms himself and can have a captious Examination of where he’s heading. And for a believer, every kind of tests elevates his ranks and is the cause of increase in his rewards.

     When a believer stick to Allah while being patient and thanking him for every happiness or sadness, he ask for riddance from his trials and pains from The Only One(Allah). 

      This book deals with this phenomenon and there are mentioned in it 43 methods to deal with the worldly pains. Their distinctive quality is that they have been debated in the light of Quran and sunnah. It is hope that helps you in overcoming psychological problems and pains.

    We pray to Allah that he  makes this effort, an eternal riddance and raiser of ranks for the contributors.

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