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  1. Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir
    Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir

    Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir by Versace is a Oriental Woody fragrance for men. Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir was launched in 2013. The fragrance features leather, agarwood (oud), oriental woodsy notes and spices

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  2. Rumz al Rasasi  For men
    Rumz al Rasasi For men

    Perfume house from the UAE Rasasi has released a new dynamic youth unisex fragrance called Rumz al Rasasi 9325 , which is a reflection of the spirit of the modern Arab youth.Generation, like people, have a personality. It is becoming more evident for modern young men and women in the Persian Gulf that change and shape their tastes, ideas and interests with the development of modern high-tech life, which combines tradition and modernity, heritage and ambition, ancient values and the spirit of adventure, experimentation and openness to change.

    Perfume Rumz al Rasasi 9325 belongs to the categories of fruit woody floral scents and includes the following notes:

    The upper chords: melon, bergamot, plum, pineapple, pear, black pepper, pepper, lemon, lime;

    Heart chords: freesia, lily of the valley, jasmine;

    Basic chords: oakmoss, leather, cedar, ambergris, patchouli, white musk.

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  3. Rumz Al Rasasi  for women
    Rumz Al Rasasi for women

    Rasasi Pour Elle eau de parfum for youthful women who just like to be themselves. A self-expression to become a true and original signature of your personality. A code with which to identify yourself in any company. Honesty radiated through its perfect composition.

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  4. Sweet Oud Al-Rehab
    Sweet Oud Al-Rehab

    Sweet Oud by Al-Rehab is a Oriental fragrance for women and men. Sweet Oud was launched in 2014. The fragrance features agarwood (oud).

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  5. Wisal Dhahab
    Wisal Dhahab

    Wisal Dhahab by Ajmal is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women and men. This is a new fragrance. Wisal Dhahab was launched in 2015. Top notes are apple, peach, pear, grapefruit and mandarin orange; middle notes are rose, jasmine, orchid and geranium; base notes are sandalwood, cedar, patchouli and musk.

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  6. Amber oud
    Amber oud

    An opulent voyage to the very roots of perfumery inspired from the noble heritage of Arabia. The fragrance with royal ingredients like sandalwood, incense, saffron boldly spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg with classic leathery notes

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  7. Musk Ward
    Musk Ward

    Oriental fragrances are often described as warm and inviting in their aroma. Their opulent bouquet includes intensive substances such as musk, vanilla, exotic resins and wood and may sometimes be infused with subtle floral scents.

    Top : balsamic rose

    Mid : smoky amber

    Bottom : warm spicy musky

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  8. Qafiya 1 Ajmal
    Qafiya 1 Ajmal
    Crafted for taste that reflects the region, Qafiya 01 is a unisex fragrance aimed for use during the day. An inviting fragrance with top notes comprised of Saffron, Orange flower and Rose, blend amicably with Amber and Woody notes of Patchouli and Musk. The fragrance is designed to illuminate and bring forth your desire to succeed. Learn More
  9. Qafiya 2 Ajmal
    Qafiya 2 Ajmal

    Qafiya 2 by Ajmal is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women and men. This is a new fragrance. Qafiya 2 was launched in 2016. Top notes are bergamot and coffee; middle notes are orange blossom and spices; base notes are sandalwood and moss

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  10. Boss Bottled Oud by Hugo Boss for Men
    Boss Bottled Oud by Hugo Boss for Men

    BOSS BOTTLED OUD is created from rare and rich ingredients that create a complex, heady essence. Powerfully opulent, 100% natural, OUD is enriched with a Middle Eastern inspired blend of luxurious saffron, cinnamon and virile woody notes. A powerful fragrance combining strong masculinity with opulence, OUD is the perfect balm for the Man of Today.

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  11. Swiss Arabian Rakaan
    Swiss Arabian Rakaan

    There is a protector, a victor deep inside us with a deep desire to win. That is the essence of Rakaan. The fragrance begins with fresh light crispy notes of grapefruit and Caribbean lime. Middle notes are inspired by the delicacy of lotus flowers and the evergreen precious agarwood and the base culminates with the lingering essence of agarwood and grey amber. Created for men, this awe-inspiring fragrance leaves you entranced in its grasp, epitomizing victory in every way.

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  12. Dahn Oudh Al Shams
    Dahn Oudh Al Shams

    Designed as a unique offering, this refined fragrance will add a new and exquisite dimension to the existing Al Shams product range. Al Shams – Arabic for Sun– is an oriental Eau de Parfum exclusively created for today’s brightest, far reaching and trend setting Individuals. This special edition yields a pure, potent and longer lasting fragrance that is meant to accentuate your beaming presence. Derived from aged Indian Agarwood, the pleasant and long lasting aroma radiates unique characteristics bearing the mark of Indian Oudh.

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  13.  Night Dreams
    Night Dreams
    Special Price $50.00 Regular Price $65.00

    The aroma of this new perfume from Al Haramain will make your imagination run wild. The Night Dreams oil is a dreamy fusion of woody, musky and saffron scents. Pure perfection housed in a clear glass bottle and placed in an intricately designed, silver casing. It is as beautiful as it looks.

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  14. Rasasi Hope for Women
    Rasasi Hope for Women

    Hope Rasasi for women is a very powerful emotion on which millions of people depend and draw their inner strength. It is a wonderful brunch of fruity flowery notes. The warm and obstinate rose is surrounded by the vibrating plum melon fruity note which brings sensuality to the perfume. The background built with sandalwood from India and various musky notes makes this perfume definitely substantative.

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  15. Hope Rasasi For Men
    Hope Rasasi For Men

    Hope Rasasi For Men symbolizes expectations and faith. A perfume that gives you inner strength. Top notes are fresh and aromatic, followed by the background of marine and woody aromas.

    The fragrance is seamless fusion of spices musk and warm woods in a scent that fresh transparent, contemporary long lasting and very warm. The Fragrance is meant to evoke success, energy,optimism and HOPE.

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  16. Shadow Amor Homme
    Shadow Amor Homme

    Shadow Amor by Ajmal is a Oriental fragrance for men. The fragrance features orange, violet, vanilla, cedar, sea notes, vetiver and sandalwood.

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  17. Ajmal Shadow For Him
    Ajmal Shadow For Him

    Shadow for Him is a luminous blend of Bergamot and Saffron, with floral infusions of Orange Blossom, Vetiver and Cedar wood. For that warm long lasting and perfect ending Patchouli, Amber and Musk intersperse in harmonious togetherness making the fragrance suitable for the confident male.

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  18. Accord Boise
    Accord Boise

    Accord Boise is dedicated to self-confident men who appreciate fine things. The fragrance opens with notes of coffee and pepper. The heart of the incense and sage is followed by the base of patchouli and ginger. Available as 75 ml EDP. Accord Boise was launched during the 2000's.

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  19. Shadow For her
    Shadow For her

    Shadow for Her by Ajmal is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. Shadow for Her was launched in 2008. Top notes are lavender, brazilian rosewood and nectarine; middle notes are patchouli and orchid; base notes are ambergris and musk

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  20. Shadow Amor  Femme
    Shadow Amor Femme

    Shadow Amor by Ajmal is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. The fragrance features freesia, sweet orange, apple, exotic fruits, vanilla, musk, cedar and sandalwood.

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  21. Orchidee Celeste
    Orchidee Celeste

    Ajmal fashion house has released two new women's compositions at the end of 2015: Rose Wood and Orchidee Celeste. Oriental floral Ajmal Orchidee Celeste dedicated sensual orchids. Delicate and heady, refined and enveloping perfume opens with sweet berry motifs beautifully shaded sunshine citrus. At the heart of the refined Ajmal Orchidee Celeste on the background of creamy cedar substrate emerges charming duet black rose with orchid. Languid, expressive and sensual play masterfully framed powdery veil of tonka bean, elegant, like a mist, soft amber warm and wonderful vanilla chords.

    Composition: berries, mandarin, bergamot, orchid, cedar, black rose, jasmine, tonka bean, amber and vanilla.
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  22. Vanille Celeste
    Vanille Celeste

    Vanille Celeste by Ajmal is a Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women. The nose behind this fragrance is Nazir Ajmal. Top note is vanilla; middle notes are jasmine, orchid and orange blossom; base notes are cedar and pear.

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  23. Al-Rehab Concentrated Perfume Oil De Luxe
    Al-Rehab Concentrated Perfume Oil De Luxe
    Perfume oil De Luxe by Al Haramain is an oriental Frauenduftmit focus on vanilla. Recommendation: For the Ladies High quality perfume oil by Al Rehab; perfume free from alcohol Bottle with roller and label Learn More
  24. Rasasi La Yuqawam Eau De Parfum for Women
    Rasasi La Yuqawam Eau De Parfum for Women
    Rasasi extended your irresistible La yuqawam Oriental series with exclusive Collection known Rasasi Perfumes, a uniform extension of the La yuqawam oriental collection of the series orchid Prairie & Tobacco Blaze. The new series comes in a year of the launch of La des Rasasi yuqawam pour Homme, femme / woman, with which the oriental luxury and Arab heritage in all its splendor and glory The regional consumers. La yuqawam means irresistible in Arabic and Orchid Prairie & Tobacco Head Blaze for women and men embodies Rasasi's brand philosophy and expands a classic-modern feel. Every aspect of La yuqawam, concept of your notes on the premium packaging - the ultimate luxury. Topnote Learn More
  25. EGRA - MEN - 100 ml 
    EGRA - MEN - 100 ml 
    “EGRA for men” transcribes the brazen sensuality & conviction of a man, who bring out the sensations in every instant of life. It is certainly a distinguish fragrance that reflects a man’s personal style and impeccable taste. It is born from the passion of excellence and intended for the true connoisseurs of luxury – men who appreciate sheer exclusivity & style. Olfactory description: Fruity - Aromatic – Woody Learn More
  26.  Egra for Women - 100 ml Rasasi
    Egra for Women - 100 ml Rasasi
    The fragrance redefines femininity, sensuality and seductive traits of a woman. It is a top of the line creation from Rasasi.“Egra for women” magnifies provocation by unfolding the ability of seduction of the wearer, who then effortlessly entice. At the very beginning the fragrance is seductive, compelling & unusual. Top Bergamot, Waterlily, Freesia, Spicy Pepper Middle : Jasmine, Plum, Orange Blossom Base:Sandalwood, Patchouli, Musk Learn More
  27. Faqat Lil Rijal
    Faqat Lil Rijal
    Faqat Lil Rijal woody flavors create a luscious yet robust aura which are both enchanting and enticing. It makes you feel zesty and delicately aromatic to leave a delightful trial. Top: Bargamot, Saffron, Oud Middle: Cardamom, Rise, Geranium, Jasmine Base: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Musk , Leather & Oud Learn More
  28.  Dehn al Oudh Abiyad  Spray
    Dehn al Oudh Abiyad Spray
    Perfume oil Dehn al Oudh Abiyad by Afnan surrounds you with the perfect scent. All scents in this perfume form a perfect harmony. The magic begins with fresh and woody, to melt into a warm, medium-musk note. A strong woody fragrance is the basis. The beautiful bottle in oriental design fits perfectly to this perfume. Recommendation: For men and women High quality perfume oil by Afnan; perfume free from alcohol Bottle with roller and label Learn More
  29. Rasasi La Yuqawam Eau de Parfum for Men
    Rasasi La Yuqawam Eau de Parfum for Men
    The unique fragrance for men Rasasi La Yuqawam will enchant you with its sophistication and elegance. La Yuqawam means “irresistible” in Arabic and it is true for this perfume! A La Yuqawam men is very attractive and charismatic. His distinctive charm, tact and gentleman-like behaviour are qualities he uses to capture attention of women and respect of men. La Yuqawam perfume is very elegant and sensual. Its enchanting aroma prefectly reflects real luxury and charm. The perfume comes in a beautiful bottle with perfect design which attracts attention with its elegant rounded shapes. La Yuqawam blends a classic style with a modern style, creating an utterly irresistible combination of real luxury and timelessness. Composition Top notes Thyme, Saffron, Raspberry Middle notes Jasmine, Artemisia, Frankincense Base notes Leather, Amber, Suede, Wooden Notes Learn More
  30. Amber Oudh Surrati
    Amber Oudh Surrati
    Agarwood is reputed to be the most expensive wood in the world. While there are many names for the fragrant heartwood produced primarily by trees in the genus Aquilaria, very commonly, the resin is known as Oudh. Learn More
  31.  Royal Musk
    Royal Musk
    French fragrances denote scents that have a Western characteristic to them, and are typically infused with floral or citrus notes. Surrati has developed and mastered the art of creating finely blended, non-alcoholic perfumes of superlative quality using rare and luxurious ingredients. Top : nutty woody Mid : musky citrus Bottom : sweet rose Learn More
  32. Anfas Al Ward
    Anfas Al Ward
    Anfas Al Ward Al-Rehab - a fragrance for women, belongs to a group of floral fragrances. This is a new fragrance, Anfas Al Ward released in 2014. The fragrance composition includes notes of rose. Learn More
  33. Al Haramain Maze
    Al Haramain Maze
    mysterious, alluring and incredibly rich flavor. The top note of sour lemon and orange floral motifs replaced the roses and geraniums, mixed with the tart bitterness of the wormwood and the bergamot. In the middle of the rose queen of flowers the sound is complemented by shimmering orchids, carnation, jasmine and orange flower. Flower fairy shaded spice saffron and subside under the frosty breath of sandalwood and cedar, the strength of which is even more pronounced in the base note. Placers amber sparks thick bean notes subtle, sweet and floral nuances gradually choke the woody notes. The aroma is dissolved in the air, leaving behind a trail of soft cashmere and sensual musk. Learn More
  34. Suroor
    This oriental spray perfume with a fresh citrus beginning and an enticing floral-fruity body blends into a soothing, woody, musky base.Its scent conveys sincere warmth, and its scent ensures delight Learn More
  35. Champion Al-Rehab for men
    Champion Al-Rehab for men
    Champion by Al-Rehab is a Oriental Woody fragrance for men. The fragrance features musk and agarwood (oud) Learn More
  36. Sophia Violet
    Sophia Violet
    Brighten up a dull morning with the tantalizing fragrance of Sophia Violet, where Jasmine, Amber and Lily of the valley bring in the effervescence of youth, while Musk adds that sublime feeling of invincibility even in the toughest of times. Top it off with Pomelo and fresh green notes and you’ve got a complete uplifting experience in a fragrance. A true companion in times of strife it may be, but then again why wait for a dull day when you can keep them at bay with Sophia Violet! Fragrance Notes: Top note: Pomelo, Green notes Middle note: Jasmine, Orchid, Lily of the Valley Base note: Violet, Amber, Musk Learn More
  37. Hatem- Rasasi
    Hatem- Rasasi
    HATEM, Exotic Oriental, Eau De Parfum, 75ml, by RASASI Hatem is a cool and light fragrance that offers instant and long term freshness. The simple shape of the bottle and the exclusive design of the cap portrays the �multi purpose� theme of this product. It begins on a woody note with oriental spices, bergamont, lemon, clarysage, and lavender. The woody-flowery cedarwood. Jasmine, rose, and germanium middle note creates a feeling of delight and fascination. The base note envelops the wearer with woody, sandal, cedarwood, patchouli and musky sensation. Learn More
  38. AL Haramain Kasturi pure 10ML
    AL Haramain Kasturi pure 10ML
    Deep and classy, warm and spicy is how this precious fragrance comes across. Bright and enticing as the summer sun, it opens with a fruity blast. Even as you negotiate this sucker punch, fresh, floral middle notes kick in. Sublime woody notes finally make a graceful appearance to turn your soaring joyride in to a silken glide. Beyond doubt, Fragrance Notes: Top note: Mandarin, Lychee Middle note: Marine Accord, Rosewood, Orange Blossom Base note: Amber, Precious woods, Benzoin Learn More
  39. Dareej (women)
    Dareej (women)
    Top note- Bergamot, Orange, Green, Accord, Peach Middle note- Muguet, Jasmine, Tuberrose, Orchid, Heliotrop Base note- Vanila, Carmel, Vetiver, Patchouly, Sandal, Amber & Musk Learn More
  40. Teenz
    Teenz by Ajmal is a Floral Aquatic fragrance for women. Learn More
  41. Blue Lady  with dio
    Blue Lady with dio

    Blue Lady is a classical and cheerful perfume, ideal for ladies who enjoy life.

    Learn More
  42. Wisal (Uni)
    Wisal (Uni)
    Wisal is an inviting fragrance that features fresh modern notes, blended for mature and dynamic men and women who are trendy yet traditional at heart. Learn More
  43. Emotion - Men
    Emotion - Men
    This perfume is dedicated to the emotions of tenderness, protectiveness, vulnerability and romance. Description It opens with the fresh notes of bergamot and orange blossom. Lavender, violet, cinnamon and rose are at the heart, while the base features patchouli, tonka, sandalwood, amber and musk. "One whiff is all it takes, to waft you over waves of Emotion." Learn More
  44. Urbanist Femme
    Urbanist Femme
    Description Urbanist Femme – Perfume for women which introduces the image of strict business lady gentle notes of femininity and sensuality. Aroma begins to unfold with vibrant fruit mix consisting of apple, pineapple and orange, slightly acidulated with lemon sound. This is followed by sweet heart note skilfully hidden behind the mask of a strong-willed determination. Business atmosphere slight trend of sensuality dilutes the soft dreamy duo iris and jasmine. Base note – a mixture of amber and patchouli, which show through the hypnotic dragged musk. Oriental fragrance, featuring its intriguing mystery, ideal for modern business woman. Fragrance Notes Top: apple, orange, pineapple , lemon Heart: Jasmine, Iris Base: Patchouli , musk, amber Learn More
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