Oudh al Methali 15ML

Oudh al methali

Darussalam Islamic Bookshop Australia

SKU: AT199

Oudh al methali as the name suggests is a symbol of “ perfection personified”.

Oudh al methali as the name suggests is a symbol of “ perfection personified”. The bottle consists of high quality glass individually hand polished to give excellent transparency and clarity. It is encased in an exquisitely designed metal jacket which offers the customer a “ value for money” product. The fragrance is a perfect blend of high quality oudh. It is a contemporary classic, prepared to instantlyhypnotise you with the sensuous aroma of oudh. The product is packed in an exclusive and modern packaging which will appeal instantly to even the discerning consumer. Oudh al Methali is a compliment to the immensely popular oriental perfumes, recreated to suit the tastes of the present day generation. It heralds the opening of a new era in the art of perfumery and is guaranteed to take you on a voyage of luxury and comfort. Olfactory description: woody, flowery, spicy and fruity. It has a woody top note consisting of indianagarwood& herbal combined,to form a fresh accord. The middle note again contains Indian agarwoodalongwith sandalwood, strong amber gris to exhude a spicy and floral woody note. The base note consists of Indian agarwood, strong amber gris and a well harmonized fruity-raspberry like accord. The notes flow in perfect harmony and will enliven your senses, enrich your desire and energise your aspirations, to seek for more and more.